Welcome to TNT Basic Training. Providing premier Personal Training & Athletic Strength & Conditioning.

 My goal is to provide you with the the essential tools needed to "Making living life easy" and a happy healthy lifestyle.

Giving you the confidence & knowledge you need at any age to succeed.

To sign up for any classes or questions, please email or call me.  Thank you

Services Offered:  Personal Training - Small Group -Athletic Strength & Conditioning

-TNT Swamp Run (see explanations below)

 Class Schedules times


   Personal Training       

$35/session / person      $60/session for two

First 12 sessions $35/each $420. Stay, Commit, Choose package.

Individual Sessions: $35 20 sessions $600 10 sessions $320

PK #1: 3x/wk $300/month/person  OR $580/month for two 

Pk #2: 2x/wk $200/month/person OR $380/month for two 

One on One Training Sessions. Offering you properly guided routines that are age and ability appropriate. No intimidation or judgment. We work at your pace and progress. Holding you accountable for your progress and keeping you on track.  We do  Weigh-ins, goal setting, self assessments, and nutrition counseling. 

Small Group Training  

3 -8/group

First 12 sessions $35 each. Stay,Commit, then Choose a pkg.

$160/person/month 2x/week SIGN UP NOW

$200/person/month 3x/week 


Creating camaraderie among participants & friends.  Providing fullbody workouts that build strength, endurance, coordination, core, and agility through progressive, challenging, varied workout programs.  Each class is unique, professionally guided, age and ability appropriate, modifiable, effective, efficient and fun.   Supportive group that trains together to feel healthy, strong and confident.

Athletic Conditioning        

2xwk $180/mo or 3x/wk $260 or Session by session $35/

Call to schedule your group or individual time slots. 

Call me today to get started!  Look forward to working wtih you.

Training during off season to get you ready for your season!


This is for those who want to set themselves ahead of their competition and have the desire to work hard, commit and excel. Want your coaches to notice you? Call me. 

I am committed to condition and develop proper form & build solid basic fundamental athlete and make your performance to be more effective and efficient.  Our curriculum provides individuals with goal setting, self assessments and consistent progress. The workouts are age appropriate, ability based, comprehensive, progressive, challenging, and fun. Every exercise has its purpose. Are You ready to Increase power, strength, explosiveness, agility, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, vertical, stamina and core strength? Want to set yourself apart from the others? Join me for a summer and watch your performance exceed your expectations.   You have to be willing to work hard to improve! I'll guilde you every step of the way and be your biggest cheerleader!

TNT Swamp Run              Great team bonding, family gathering & cooperate challenge!

2.2 mile run/walk/crawl 22+ obstacles to conquer. Travel through natural swamp & woods.

Its a  workout full of challenges and laughter! Great experience for your athletic team bonding, a family day; reunions, birthdays, bachelors/ettes;  cooperate outing, mudder group test runs, mother/daughter day, team building events, boys/girl scouts fun day. 

 $30/person  Groups of 10 $25/person   Games, Food, choice of memorbilia, Music, Fun!!  

 Call for your team, family, outing date! You can scheudle your own date and time!


Nutrition Counseling & Clean your Cupboards

$150 Clean your Cupboards

Nutrition, healthy eating and supplements are so hard and overwhelming that it takes a toll on our progress.  I will help you understand the whole concept and give you guidance to fit your lifestyle. It takes time and understanding and work. Lets get you on track. Let's start with me coming to your house to clean your cupboards.  This will not be easy, but such a learning point and you will enjoy in the end.  You won't be disappointed.  There is no DIET or FAD or PILL or Drink that will make you STAY skinny, healthy or energetic.  Learn the basics of life. Learn the foods.

Hard work pays off and put an end to your roller coaster weight.

Other Services provided

Home care training  $100/visit >15miles   $150/visit <16miles

Home Program Design  $100  complete with recording and picture charts