The fitness journey isn't easy

but every step is worth it in the end.

I have started training at TNT Basic Training in Aug of 2019.  I have has gained so much strength and made great progress so far.  Tammy has guided me to have constant sucess every month. Without her constant guideance and adjusting my daily acitivities I wouldn't be where I am today. I didn't think it was possible to be where I am already.  I joined a morning class and it was crazy what the people were able to do. I didn't think it was possible. Tammy modified the exercises for me and gradually kept challenging me.  I can now do those crazy things I never thought I would be able to do.  She really has a passion to helping people succeed.  I look forward to continuous progress and continue to reaching my final goal.


2022!  I came to Tammy fall of 2021  I was challenged by my friends and they said shes too hard you'll never make it last. Well, its been 7 months & let me tell you that She is AWESOME!  She & the crew welcomed me in and my inabilities. Every workout I got better, she modified things i needed to be successful and we worked the basics to get the greatest form.  well needless to say planks and dips I wasnt having it.  With her guidance and progression workouts, I got them! beyond got them!  I am feeling great and love my progress.  She works with me on my eating to make sure i'm hitting my goals.  She is a package deal here.  I am grateful for her and I even though people say shes tough: she knows her stuff, has a great heart of gold (steel lol), compassion to help you succeed, patience of a saint, pushes you just right &  gives you the tools you need for a healthy life and meet your goals.  Pains, she makes them go away and in returns gives you  a strong body!  Thank you Tammy    Much appreciated  Morgan

It has been a long 2 years but I can't tell you enough of how strong I am now.  Its amazing.  I still need to get the eating down, I had it and then, well, like most fell off.  But Tammy never gives up on me.  I have had DR checkups while I have been here for the normal checkups for us older people.. and let me tell you, the DR said I had to KEEP GOING BECAUSE MY NUMBERS WERE LOOKING AWESOME.!  yikes  :) That means i have to keep coming.  I am thankful everyday for her.  My workouts are hard, rewarding and building stamina.  Best of all, the back pain and knee pains I had when I arrived are gone!  She isn't kidding when she says, work hard in the gym and life outside will be easier.  It is, but then my wife makes longs lists for me to tackle. LOL  She has helpe me stretch and thats like bending steel!  The struggle is real but this is the best descion I have made for my life.  Her patience with me has been much appreciated and guidance for every positive gain is awesome.  Thank you for giving me a healthy life my DR even notice and are appreciative.    Grateful Mike  2022

I had come to Tammy years ago and then life got busy.  But I came back because I needed a kick & pick me up to get me on the right track.  I showed up 365# & two months of sickness & after 1 month I could walk again and workout without my debilitating joint pain. What I like is that she teaches you things so you can be successful after being with her.  She motivates you to keep going & kicks your ass when yourself wont.  I came for 12sessions and then I was going to do it on my own.  Let me tell you, that in those 12 sessions, I shocked myself with the progress i made, i got the results i didnt think was possible.  I didnt see it right away but then she makes me do things that i did the first day and failed at and I am amazed on how much better i was.  Her progressions she does is so personal to my ability, she gets you to be successful without you even knowing it.  How does she do that!?  It's awesome becasue I always feel successful after every workout and then she challenges me with something i struggled with, which i forgot about, and then i remember i couldnt even do it and now I"M Doing it!!  What an awesome feeling.  My knees and back hurt so much when I came here and I was restricted in certain movements.  With he guidance in just those 12 sessions, I have overcome my restrictions and was going beyond because my pain was no longer there.   I have motivation to continue now on my own and I have her to thank.   Appreciative Victor 2022

I'm feeling very proud of my progress here.  Check these muscles out!  

Im strong, young and full of energy.

Acutally i'm 51!  Loving life!~

A big Thank You.

I was very happy with my services at TNT Basic Training. When I first came here I didn't have the intentions of working very hard.  Tammy was very respectful to my needs and modified exercises to fit my ability.  I grew every session and she pushed me to be successful. I began to see a difference in my energy level, attitude and my clothes.  I grew excited and motivated as the time went on. She gave me my confidence to do what was necessary to reach my goals and to take it serious.  My arm waves are gone and after losing all this weight the extra skin disappeared without surgery, just like she told me it would. It made a huge impact on my life. After a year with Tammy, I am now confident to workout in the gym close to my home and have been able to stay strong for myself and my family.  I love seeing her smiling face and having her guidance to make me a fit person I deserve to be. She was the best medicine for me.  

Clintonville, WI

I am grateful.

I have had my shares of illnesses and have been battling with R.A. since I was 22 years old. When I met Tammy I did all I could just to move around. My house chores were impossible, had a hard time getting up from the floor or chair and I had to care for 4 children. Tammy started with me very slow and gradual baby steps.  She was the best physical therapist I could have found. Our workouts progressed and after 2 years I was moving and living life.  4 years later I am happy, healthy, moving, drug free, 50 pounds lighter, have muscles I never knew I had and have the energy to care for my family, help my husband and play with my kids. I can now shovel snow, stack and split wood, work on my house, volunteer at my church, and lift weights like never before.  If it wasn't for Tammy's proper guidance I am not sure where I would be.  I am still working out with Tammy and I will continue; she is my backbone and friend and angel. I am so thankful to have my life under control and I am not ever going back. I will recommend her to anyone who has issues or wants a change in life. She has the patience and recipe for success.  

Hortonville WI

Thank you!  I keep my weight off.

On March 10, 2012 I decided to invest in my future by re-focusing on my physical health. With Tammy as my guide I was able to achieve my June 2012 goal .... Ahh yes CUSA, 40th high school reunion & so on along with my old diet allowed a slow, methodical weight gain & in March 2013 I recognized that I needed additional help. Tammy seemed to sense this and introduced me to her nutritional program. Just listen to her. Keeping an honest journal is a must ... It helps U in so many ways... Believe! Let me share with you some numbers in my journal. 

 3/24/13 body fat 32% bio age ? 4/16/13 body fat 24% bio age 43 6/17/13 body fat 17.2% bio age 32!!! 2/21/14 body fat 19% bio age 39

I did gain a little in body fat back. I enjoyed a summer of fun & ongoing winter my weight has stayed stable. This has never occurred before and I've always gained around 15lbs every year.  I look & feel Great! My physical age is 60!  My new goal, is A slow & methodical trek back towards the 17.2% body fat & Bio age of 32! ... Thank You Tammy!

Greenville WI

 Came to lose weight. I lost 80#. Her guidance was a key! I have kept it off for 5 years so far!

Back surgery was my reason for coming. Not having to have surgery was why I stayed! Thank you for no surgery needed and teaching me how to strengthen my back and keep it healthy. I can resume yoga and zumba once again without pain. Tammys guidance was what I needed to be pain free. 

Being a Hair styliest I need to be on my feet. Working out here helped keep my confidence high, and increased my energy levels during the day.  Great friends come when working out here.  She cares for you in and out of the gym. She listens and helps you wherever you need it. 

Its fun working out here and Tammy became a great friend. I lost weight for my wedding that I didn't think was possible.  Her guidance and hard work and my dedication gave me the results I wanted. 

I'm glad I made the descision to join TNT Basic Training!

After 1 month I have good results.  Just show up and Tammy will guide you!  

New London WI

Thank you!  I lost 8# my first week!

I know I have a lot to do yet, but Tammy's guidance and help has kept my head high and me accoutable. Before vacation she has taught me to be patient and what to eat while I'm gone.  I lost 4 inches on my week of vacation! I'll continue to listen and I look forward to our journey. 

No one said this would be easy but Tammy doesn't give up on you.  She's a great listener & helper. 


From workout out with my mac n chz addiction to my crazy work schedule! Its not too often you see people lose weight and keep it off and I kept my butt.  That was my GOAL, I like my butt.  I'm working on my own now and whenever I hit a plateau, I text her and she gives me more advice! She is always there for me whenever I need her.  

Thank you for everything Tammy, not only for the weight loss, but helping me with a lifestyle change that works for me!

Oshkosh WI

My name is Bill.  I came here after my wife passed away at the age of 77. I wanted stay in my home and knew i had to do something.  Tammy has been great with me. I have gained my body control, increased my balance, built muscle and have a high functioning memory.  I have her to Thank.  She has progressed me properly and I am glad to say I dont look my age!  I can still drive, cook, haul in wood, and stay home by myself.  I have gained more than just a trainer, I have gained a great friend and an awesome nurse. She is so caring. 

I have fallen after year so working out and didnt break anything. She was impressed, as well as I was. I am strong and I have her to thank. My family thanks her and is glad she takes such good care of me.  My family doesnt have to worry about me as much as they would if i never started this working out stuff. I call it crap, but its good crap :)  I have a great sense of humor too :)

My doctors are impressed every year I have my check up.  They are impressed Tammy can keep me in such good shape!

Trained for sport & everyday activities

I have trained here with Tammy since I have been in 8th grade.  I'm a JR in College now.  My mom and I love it here.  It's always something new and challenging and we continue to get stronger every visit.  I have gotten stronger and faster and it helped a great deal playing soccer.  I could last the whole game with ease.  I had stress fractures one season and Tammy helped me continue to workout and stay strong. She made accomadations necessary and I became a beast training on one foot.  By time it was ready to bring my other foot into play, there was no problem. 

She takes the time to properly teach you form and helps you activate the proper muscles to execute the exercise. 

She helped me change and through hard times. Regained my confidence & strength. 

“I knew I needed to change my unhealthy patterns. Three visits to the ER with cardiac symptoms scared me. I had tried for years to implement exercise into my life. I asked myself what will make this attempt at health successful. The answer was to hire Tammy Thyssen as my personal trainer. I have lost 35 pounds, lowered my cholesterol by 40, and triglycerides by 100. My blood pressure is regulated and my doctor and I are weaning me off of medications. I look forward to many active, healthy years with my children and grandchildren” 

Appleton, WI